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Welcome, everyone. I have been working for several years as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) developer. Allow me to share with you what the SFCC is and how one can properly navigate its systems. This article is especially directed to individuals who will be using the platform for the first…

Oleg Sapishchuk photo by Sam Spicer
photo by Sam Spicer

Why am I writing about this?

In my previous blogs, I wrote only one article about data migration, which was particularly focused on password migration. I highlighted there several possible data objects from the standpoint of business capabilities. Even then, it did not cover all the best practices I knew…

For almost a year, one of my job responsibilities was mentoring and growing the Solution Architect team at OSF Digital. The main business goal of a Solution Architect in our eCommerce division is to be able to solve any architecture tasks and to self-independently find innovative solutions for our customers…

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Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

In our day to day activities as e-Commerce consultants, we use a variety of communication channels and knowledge base resources to get information, support, answers to questions, and to share useful information. …

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Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash

With each significant milestone we all reflect on the things we have done, and the ways in which we could have done them better. This internal process is valid and very logical; as with each experience we grow and learn new things. These lessons teach us where we went wrong…

I firmly believe that all the major Salesforce partners like Astound, OSF Global Services, Capgemini, Valtech, and others have already created an internal educational and procedural knowledge base as to how to set up the local environment, and Continuous Integration and Delivery. You might also already be familiar with the…

B2C Commerce import and export customer schema
customer.xsd from b2c official documentation

When we design a new solution based on the Salesforce B2C Commerce SaaS platform, we always end up with the most important for the business topic — legacy platform data migration. Typical migration data might be :

  • catalog product and categories
  • rating and reviews
  • customer login credentials
  • customer profile information…

Oleg Sapishchuk

Solution Architect providing digital transformation with unified commerce solutions for some of the world’s best known and most influential brands

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